The full special guest presentation line-up has still to be finalised, but already set to speak are divers of the calibre of TV presenters Monty Halls and Paul Rose; Australian great white shark deep cage-diving specialist Andrew Fox; and technical instructor Mark Powell, whose latest provocative presentation title is “Are Rebreathers Safe?”

Newcomers at DIVE 2014 will be crime-fighting divers Claire Gwinnett and Laura Walton-Williams, who run courses in underwater forensics; and South Africa’s Patrick Voorma, who seems to be uncovering historic wrecks by the month.

Other technical wreck-divers include the familiar faces of Jack Ingle, with his workshop on being a better wreck-diver, and Leigh Bishop, who is taking part this year in some extraordinary, deep and at the moment still secret expeditions.

At the less hairy end of the diving spectrum, we hope to have some recent Miss Scuba champions present to share their experiences, too!