After its successful introduction at last year’s Show the TekDeck is back complete with TekPool, a place where experienced divers of a more serious persuasion will mingle with new recruits to the technical-diving world, and where any diver who wants to find out if that world might be for them can do just that.
The line-up of speakers has yet to be finalised, but once again instructor’s instructor and TekDeck co-ordinator Mark Powell can be relied on to keep things illuminating.
The TekPool will be run by Lance Palmer Diving, which will be keen to encourage the trying-out of all sorts of dive-gear, including rebreathers, in the water over the weekend.


Talking of trying out dive-gear, a large number of suppliers – manufacturers, distributors and retailers – have already booked stands and will be keen to show off their latest goodies.
Get an idea of those that warrant your serious scrutiny at the New Product Showcase stand near the entrance. DIVER Magazine will also feature some of the new products to watch out for in our October edition, to help make sure that you miss nothing!


Among the highlights of presentations on the Centre Stage in recent years was the double act that was PhotoZone organiser Saeed Rashid with the late Nigel Wade. Saeed is preparing to go it alone in 2017 – and with his deep photographic knowledge and communication skills is eminently well-equipped to do so.

The PhotoZone offers not only an endless parade of experts dedicated to helping you to take better underwater photos and videos, but the opportunity to buy the right equipment for the job. And while you’re there, don’t forget to help out with the judging of the British Society of Underwater Photographers’ Print Competition.

DIVE 2016 post-show montage

The hall has a new, more visitor-friendly layout, but experienced Show-goers will recognise familiar landmarks. As usual the Try-Dive Pool will welcome newcomers to scuba, especially children, who will be safe in the care of experienced instructors.

Wander round and you’ll come across travel-themed hotspots such as the Asia-Pacific Showcase and the Caribbean Village, as well as zones populated by the main diver-training agencies. Browse, book, buy or just chat as the mood takes you.

And when you want to take the weight off your feet – and that new tank off your shoulder – head for the nearest presentation and grab a seat. You never know where that talk might lead you one day!

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